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Future Paleontologist Blanket

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  • The Kids' Favorite Dinosaur Blanket


    If you ask a dinosaur-loving child what they want to be when they grow up, chances are they'll say, "I'm gonna be a paleontologist!

    Not surprisingly, paleontology combines two things that kids love, dinosaurs and discovery. 

    The Future Paleontologist Blanket merges all the qualities of a sound blanket; it's a blanket handmade from durable and robust materials and it will offer warmth and softness to its owner.

    But it's all about parents, children who are naturally curious and in love with those giant extinct lizards will see only one thing, it's all those incredible dinos printed on their new blanket!

    They won't want to part with them! 

    And beyond its cool and badass style, this blanket will allow them to deepen their knowledge of dinosaurs! You can be sure they'll love to read the names of the dinosaurs a thousand times and come and test your knowledge as soon as they know it all by heart. 


    Our blankets are: 

    • Handmade and durable: Each blanket is handmade, in our partner workshops, the materials selected correspond to rigorous criteria to offer robustness. 


    • Comfortable and soft: Our dinosaur blankets are thought and designed for use with children; we made them from an ultra-soft micro fleece fabric that will provide warmth and softness. Suitable for daily use.


    • Printed with care: We make the printings with the latest technology materials, which will provide tremendous and clean colors, allowing everyone to enjoy the design to the fullest. Besides, the prints are resistant to time and the vagaries of daily life, machine washable.


    • Lightweight and easy to transport: Thanks to their innovative materials and quality conceptions, our blankets are light. They can be adapted to all kinds of uses, whether to cover a bed, warm up on the sofa, or go on holiday and camping. 


    • Small = 30" x 39"/ 75 x 100 cm
    • Medium = 51” x 60”/ 130 x 150 cm 
    • Large = 60” x 79"/ 150 x 200 cm