Dinosaur Pins



Why And How to Wear a Dinosaur Pin?

First of all, brooches and pins are among the oldest jewels that exist. They are timeless pieces that go through time and eras, each time adding a little touch of originality. As early as the Bronze Age, accessories depicting animals were worn by people as fashion accessories. Of course the manufacturing techniques and materials have evolved, before it was more about bone, wood or leather broaches, and today we prefer enamel pins or metal pins (copper, zinc, tin, steel). 

The different ways to wear pins: 

Pins can be worn in different ways, on a piece of clothing, for example on the collar, sleeve, chest or even on your jean. But also on backpacks, and if you're wondering, where to you put pins on backpack, well that's really simple, for example you can put it the shoulder strap or on the back. They can also be used to decorate everyday accessories, such as a pencil case or a wallet. 

How to find the right pin style for us? 

It is important to choose brooches in line with our personality and desires. For example, a Disney fan will easily prefer Disney Pins, while a Star Wars fan will choose Star Wars Pins. The most important thing is to choose according to our desires, in order to highlight our personality and originality.

Who are the dinosaur pins for?

You may have arrived on this page because you're looking for some trendy backpack pins, or where to buy cool pins. And maybe our dinosaur pins collection will suit you. But our dinosaur pins and brooches are primarily intended for dinosaur fans of course, the kind that likes Arlo the good dinosaur or Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. Or it can even be those who like Japanese accessories or kawaii accessories.

Finally dinosaur brooches are for all original people who love originality. Those who like vintage, quirky and cute accessories. Those who like timeless fashion.

With their funny design, your new pins are sure to make people jealous once they are hung on your clothes.