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World's #1 dinosaur brand

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Our Team

At Mesozo we are a team of dinosaur enthusiasts, and we have made it our mission to create a brand that matches our passion. We had a desire to create a place for all those who share our love for dinosaurs, and we did.
Our team comprises designers, web specialists, authors, and a customer service staff. 

Our Story

At Mesozo, we are in love with dinosaurs since our childhood. And one day, we decided to make our passion our job; that's why we created Mesozo. Our respective skills are now at the Mesozo project and brand service, and we hope our adventure is just beginning.  

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Our mission

Our mission is to create a whole universe around dinosaurs and the Mesozoic era. Whatever their gender or age, every person can enjoy wearing good quality dinosaur clothes or decorating their house or room according to their passion and personality, and here we are. Our team of designers design our products and we manufacture exclusive Mesozo goods. But we are also working with external retailers respecting our specifications to offer the broadest range of dinosaur products possible.