Dinosaur Mug

Why should I have a dinosaur mug?

If like us you are an inconsiderate fan of hot drinks then you probably use a mug almost daily. In addition, if you're a dinosaur lover, then what better way to drink your coffee or tea than from a mug bearing the effigy of our favorite prehistoric animals? 

With our dinosaur coffee mug creations, you can enjoy your love for hot drinks and your love for dinosaurs every morning. Our cute and unique designs will please parents and children alike. 

Are dinosaur cups durable and strong? 

Here's a very relevant question, we take special care in the quality of our dinosaur cups, that's why we have chosen the materials with care. Mesozo’s dinosaur cups are made of white ceramic. They are durable over time and they are environmentally friendly. 

Dinosaur coffee mugs are dishwasher safe and easy to maintain.

Where are the dinosaur coffee mugs made? 

All our mugs are printed and sent from the United States. We give special importance to the local economy.