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Jurassic Adventure Dinosaur Slide Sandals

White Dragon
Yellow Dragon
Blue Dragon
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  • Dinosaur Slide Sandals: Adventure & Comfort Wrapped into One

    Looking to take your little ones on an adventure they won’t soon forget? Give them our Jurassic Adventure Dinosaur Slide Sandals and watch their faces light up! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who seek comfort, support and fun, these dinosaur-themed slide sandals feature fun, vibrant colors and soft, padded straps. Let your mini explorers conquer any adventure with confidence.

    Unique Design = Maximum Comfort

    We've designed these dinosaur slide sandals with comfort and style in mind. The straps are made from a durable and strong material that won't stretch out, tear apart or rip, even with intense playtime. They also grip the feet firmly, yet comfortably for secure and stable walking. For added comfort and support, the straps are flexible and adjustable so you can find the perfect fit for your child. The outsoles are made from strong rubber and are non-marking and slip-resistant, so you can rest assured that kids will remain safe no matter where their feet take them.

    Vibrant Colors & Fun Design

    Not only is your kid’s comfort important, but so is their style! For this reason, we've designed these dinosaur slide sandals with bright and vibrant colors such as blue and purple that children of all ages will love. Plus, the design features fun dinosaurs and icebergs which kids can't help but be drawn to.

    Maximum support & Durability

    We want to make sure your kids can safely explore their world while wearing our sandals. The outsoles are designed to provide maximum cushioning, arch support, and protection against rough terrain. The material used is also incredibly durable, so your kids can wear them for years. Take your little explorers on an adventure with our Jurassic Adventure Dinosaur Slide Sandals! They feature supreme comfort and support, vibrant colors and a fun design, as well as maximum durability. If you’re looking for something unique and special for them, check out our other Dinosaur Shoes.