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The 10 Best Animated Dinosaur Movies For Kids And Toddlers

The 10 Best Animated Dinosaur Movies For Kids And Toddlers

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What to do with the kids at the weekend, in the evening, or when you just want to spend time together if your little explorers are dinosaur fans? Of course, to show them movies and cartoons about dinosaurs, which can make you travel to Earth before the beginning of time and see the world that was ruled by the giant lizards.

And to make your search easier, we have collected 10 beautiful dinosaur animated movies in our special chart.

Movies that will delight the youngest dinosaur fans but also the oldest, movies to watch with the family for an ideal moment of sharing between dinosaur lovers. 

This is not a top, only a ranking of 10 films that we personally appreciate. And I hope you'll enjoy them as well! 

1. The Land Before Time (1988)

the land before time


Beautiful movie of the late 1980s, known by many people. Of course, it is number 1 in our chart. Very kind, bright, colorful cartoon with a beautiful plot. A story that can overshadow many modern cartoon movies.

A group of young dinosaurs, separated from their families because of the terrible earthquake, goes towards a mysterious valley, where water flows by a stream, and there are so many trees and all kinds of plants that you will not eat in a lifetime. On their way, they will fight with huge Tyrannosaurus, feel crazy hunger, face the problem of interspecific relationships (each of the heroes represents a separate species of prehistoric animals). Very soon, for their persistence, they will be rewarded with the long-awaited reunion with their relatives in a wonderful fertile valley.

The diverse group of brave young dinosaurs includes the stubborn triceratops Cera, the optimistic Ducky (Parasaurolof), the insecure Pterosaur Petrie, the easy-going Stegosaurus Spike, and the young leader, the Apatosaurus Littlefoot, who went from the worst loss of his heroic mother to the formation of a young team leader. Together they will overcome any difficulties.

The Land Before Time' makes audiences of all ages fall in love with it, making it ideal for family watching. For the youngest, this cartoon can serve as a great example of true friendship, faith in themselves, and understanding of the importance of teamwork.


2. Ice Age: Dawn Of The dinosaurs (2009)

Ice Age: Dawn Of The dinosaurs

Next in the list is another chapter in the Ice Age series. 
Mammoths Manny and Ellie are expecting a baby. The squirrel is obsessed with hunting for an acorn and also finds love in the face of dangerous redheaded beauty. Tiger Diego feels the call of nature: he is tired of being a pet cat in front of a mammoth and an incomprehensible rodent. And only Sid the sloth is in his repertoire again: he fell into some dungeon and adopted some babies of tyrannosaur. Sid is ready to go all the way to the end and protect the kids from their mother, and the mammoth melancholic, pregnant mammoth, hysterical tiger, and possum scum Crash and Eddie should save him. Going down to the underground world, where the dinosaurs that have died out at the top life, they will meet the mad one-eyed marten Buck, who will lead them through the jungle, lava lakes, and many dangers. 

Although it received contradictory feedback, it doesn't diminish its popularity. 
This part has everything you need for the little viewers to sit at the screens, opening their mouths - an unexpected plot, new colorful characters along with the already beloved family of mammoth Manny and his friends, colorful animation, and, of course, sparkling humor.


3. The Land Before Time 2: The Great Valley Adventure (1994)

The Land Before Time 2: The Great Valley Adventure (1994)
And right after the first part, we recommend you to watch the second part of the famous cartoon series, because the story of your favorite characters continues! The second part takes place in the familiar to you peaceful Great Valley, where kids - dinosaurs romping under the supervision of their parents. But one day, unbearable kids slipped out from under the watchful eye of their relatives and found themselves exactly where inexperienced kids are waiting for surprises and dangers. The adventures begin! The dinosaurs are waiting to meet new friends: the thieves Ozzy and Strut, the terrible Sharptooth and... mysterious egg!

Find out together with your kids how the new adventures of Littlefoot and company will end.

4. The Good Dinosaur (2015)

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

“The Good Dinosaur” is a cartoon that is like a door to childhood, in those distant times, where you believe, empathize, and sincerely fall in love with the heroes and their actions. Beautiful, bright, and very kind tape, in which skillfully intertwined tragedy and humor and correct finale.

The story begins with the fact that dinosaurs on Earth are not extinct, but live peacefully (and even farm!). And about the life of a little dinosaur Arlo, cowardly and not like his family. And then one day Arlo's father decided to help his son in solving the problem, elementary - to overcome his fear, but... it did not work out.

And Arlo, as the main character will have a hard way, defeating his phobia. But not only the protagonist in the film Arlo, but also Friend. That's how easily the creators decided to refresh the cartoon with dinosaurs and people. A Friend is a wild boy who lost his family. But he reminds us, the audience, more like a pet than Homo sapiens. It is funny and entertaining to look at the relationship between a dinosaur and a human (or rather, an owner and a pet). There is a change of roles, which makes the picture more interesting. We recommend this wonderful movie for family watching.


5. Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone. (2005)

 Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone

The previous movie showed us a good dinosaur, and in this one, you will face the evil representatives of the prehistoric world as well. But, don't worry, as, in any fairy tale, good always wins. What does this cartoon prepare for you? Twelve-year-old orphan boy Kex hides in a lifeboat of a sailing ship, hoping to see the world. During a terrible storm, the boat washes into the sea, and Kex finds itself on the island of Dinotopia, where people and dinosaurs live together. His friend is a young cheerful dinosaur with an unusual name 26. But the island suddenly began to be threatened when the evil Ogthar was released from the stone prison and took possession of the melting magical dark power Ruby Sunstone. Kex, the dinosaur 26, and their friends must save their magical home - Dinotopia...


6. Scooby-Doo: the legend of the Phantosaurus (2011)

Scooby-Doo: the legend of the Phantosaurus (2011) 

The company of friends, which heroes are Velma, Daphne, Fred, Shaggy, and, of course, Scooby-Doo, is known and loved by many people. The characters have gone through countless adventures and solved a lot of riddles. But in this adventure, they will meet the real dinosaur ... although, real or not - you still have to find out. This time, the cartoon characters will go on vacation. A hotel is waiting for them, where Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are going to have a good rest. However, here they will have to face the terrible Phantosaur, an ancient monster, which, according to legends, was called by the Indians, natives of America, to chase away the Spanish conquistadors.

Solve a new riddle and solve this mystery together with your favorite heroes.

7. We're back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993)

We're back! A Dinosaur's Story

Beautiful good old cartoon about how important and necessary to dream! After all, as you know, if you want something very much, dreams come true! Even the most incredible! For example, such as the desire to see a living dinosaur, or the harder one - to have a good and loyal friend!
This movie shows an unusual friendship between a boy Louis and a tyrannosaurus Rex. Louis lives on a raft, swims on the lake to New York, and doesn't accept any rules. He plays guitar, he is free and unchained. And he is lonely. But one day, four dinosaurs fall right on his head, having sunk the flesh! And Louis finds friends, first of all, the strongest bonds of friendship connect him with the most intimidating in appearance tyrannosaurus Rex. The boy and Rex will find each other in the world, where each is for himself, where adults and consumer morals rule. Then a girl named Cecilia will join the company. Although Cecilia has parents, she is lonely, all she has to do is to look out the window at the life that passes by. Until Louis arrives at her balcony on a flying dinosaur! This is a cartoon about the value of friendship, family, childhood dreams. Must watch 100%

8. Impy's Island (2006)

Impy's Island

Another kind and colorful cartoon about the adventures of a dinosaur on the island, which will please both - toddlers and kids.
On the godforsaken island, the doctor (veterinarian) has settled down, who through various experiments gets intelligent animals. It is fun to watch the interestingly speaking animals: pig, chimpanzees, chameleon, and other animals. And each animal has its nickname. No less interesting than the process of humanizing an animal.
The protagonist of this cartoon is a little dinosaur Urmel, who fell on a volcanic island while he was still in the egg. The cartoon begins with how an egg with a dinosaur reached civilization and was preserved.
After birth, the dinosaur appears the so-called family, he gets a lot of friends who play with him, have fun, come to the aid in various life situations, and he opens his wide "dinosaur soul" to others. In the cartoon there are moments to think about, there are moments when you can laugh, as well as many other interesting situations.

9. Dino Time (2012)

Dino Time (2012)

Time travel is always exciting and fascinating. And this cartoon is just about such an adventure. The characters, by chance, fall into the era of dinosaurs. Watching this is very fascinating. Little adventurers will definitely like this cartoon.
Three kids, because of their unbridled curiosity, disobeying their parents, get into a period when there is no one but the dinosaurs.
It is interesting to watch children who find themselves in such an unusual situation. Dinosaurs, the jungle, and there are no parents who would come to the rescue. And the funny thing is that the children found themselves in the nest of the Tyrannosaurus. The dino-mama took them for herself and began to care for and protect the children. The dinosaur has an excellent maternal instinct; she is willing to do anything

for the children, like all mothers. A good example of her behavior and the image of a mother shows this cartoon for our younger generation.
All the characters of the cartoon will have interesting exciting adventures. Thanks to their unity and friendship, the guys cope with all the difficulties encountered on their way.
The beauty of the characters and cartoon graphics are excellent, everything is drawn realistic. The sound accompaniment and voice of the heroes are also at its best, a lot of good and emotional moments.


10. Dinosaur (Disney, 2000)

Dinosaur (Disney, 2000)

In 2000, the Walt Disney Pictures studio presented its audience with a wonderful computer-animated movie 'The Dinosaur'. The cartoon tells the story of the dinosaur iguanodon Aladar, who, being still an egg, was brought to the island by lemurs who sheltered and raised him. A meteorite falls to the ground and the usual world, in which dinosaurs live, changes radically. In search of a new home, Aladar and his family meet a herd of dinosaurs and join them. On his way to the fertile valley to which the herd of dinosaurs is heading, Aladar will have to understand the relationship with the dinosaurs, face incredible adventures and find love.

In this movie, you will meet masterfully recreated dinosaurs, amazing and beautiful nature that existed many millions of years ago. The cartoon amazes with its clarity of details and colorfulness at that time. And computer animation is combined with real photographs of nature - the effect is excellent.

The cartoon also touches upon such moral aspects as selfless help to the weaker, devoted friendship, readiness to help others in dangerous situations. And iguanodon Aladar is gifted with the best qualities: kindness, bravery, intelligence, unselfishness, modesty, readiness to always come to the aid of those who need it. It is a great cartoon for children.

Bonus : Dinosaur Train (since 2008)

Dinosaur Train

And last in our list, but not least beautiful and informative, modern animated series for children.
In general, the cartoon is very original with its idea. It's about a family of Pteranodons - Dad, Mom, three kids. But, along with them, there lives a predatory dinosaur, which got into their nest being in an egg. And so, the whole family rides a special train in different periods in which there lived different kinds of dinosaurs to find relatives of the little "foundling".
Thus, children will learn about different dinosaurs - what they looked like, what they ate, what their features were.
The cartoon series itself is bright, the characters are kind. For example, no one eats meat there, although they talk about it in simple language, so that the child has an idea of who the predators are and who the herbivores.
In an accessible form, your child will learn interesting things. They begin to understand what is "a very long time" and what is "they lived a very long time, now they are not on earth. In general, the first steps are made to understand many important and interesting things.
So, besides a pleasant entertainment, your little explorers will learn a lot of useful things along with this cartoon.

We hope that everyone will find something to their taste in our chart. So, we wish you discoveries in the world of the unknown and enjoyable pastime as a family in the company of your favorite cartoons.


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