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Denver, The Last Dinosaur: A Must-See TV Series

Denver, The Last Dinosaur: A Must-See TV Series

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Today we are going to talk about a hero that many children born in the 80's and 90's dreamed of one day having as a friend or companion of adventure: Denver the last and now famous dinosaur, the main character of the cartoon named after him.

An animated cartoon full of adventure, fun and twists, a cartoon that has marked many people in many ways, with its mythical opening theme that has remained in the minds of many children and parents of the time.

Maybe you don't know this awesome cartoon that has touched so many people. Don't worry, we'll explain everything about it.


In this ultimate guide about Denver, the last dinosaur you will discover:


  • A summary of the cartoon.
  • The famous theme song.
  • Some iconic characters.
  • The story of the 2018 reboot.
  • The Story of Denver's Appearance in Rick and Morty.



1) A Brief Summary Of The Animated Series

 Denver the last dinosaur TV series


A) The Creation Of The « Denver Project »


Let's start at the beginning. Denver, The Last Dinosaur is a cartoon series for children, created as a result of a collaboration between the American company World Event Production, specialized in the creation of cartoon series for children and the French company IDDH.

The series will be broadcasted in 1988 in the United States and Europe and will be released later on DVD.

Composed of only 52 episodes of 26 minutes each, the series has been multicast in different countries over the years.


B) An Overview Of The General Plot


Denver, the last dinosaur, relate the story of California teenagers - Mario, Shades, Jeremy, Wally and Casey, as well as the Wally’s older sister, Heather. - One day, in a vacant lot, the teenagers discovered a huge blue egg containing a mysterious creature… That was a dinosaur!

After having sympathized with the strange animal the friendly band decide to find him a name, while seeing a commercial for a Colorado ski resort called Denver, the teenagers decided to name the dinosaur "Denver" as well.

The group of friends decided to adopt their new mate and to secretly hide him in Wally's house. However, after Wally's sister accidentally discovered Denver, the little band moved him and hid him in the school's old gymnasium. 

Denver will soon become very comfortable in its new environment, becoming a rock and skateboard enthusiast.

Moreover, it will have the possibility to travel through time and to go back to prehistory, thanks to a magic piece of its eggshell, preciously kept. 

The group of friends and their new dinosaur companion will have to deal with Morton Fizzback, the villain of the story always accompanied by his famous sunglasses, who will not stop trying to capture Denver in order to monetize the dinosaur for his personal profit.

We will try not to tell you too much about the story and the different plots, so as not to spoil your fun if you decide to watch the series with your children, or even on your own.



2) « Denver, The Last Dinosaur » Song: An Opening That Remains In Memory.


If you know Denver, the last dinosaur, you no doubt remember its theme music, a music that made many children happy and excited in the late 80s. One of the most mythical opening music of the time. If you didn't have the chance and the pleasure to know the music at the time don't worry, we have found the credits and let you enjoy it as it should be.




And voila, now the music will stay in your head for a while. Don't worry, it gives the same effect to us too.

And here are the lyrics of the song, if you have children, they will be happy to learn to sing it with you.


Lyrics From Denver’s opening song


« Denver, the last dinosaur

He's my friend and a whole lot more
Denver, the last dinosaur
Shows me a world I never saw before
From the hot, hot jungle
A long time ago
Comes a cool, cool friend
My pal dino
Denver the last dinosaur
Shows me a world I never saw (saw)
Everywhere we go we don't really care
If people stop and stare at our pal dino.
Creating history through the rock n' roll spotlight
We've got a friend who helps us, we can do alright
That's Denver, the last dinosaur
He's my friend and a whole lot more
DInver, the last dinosaur
Shows me a world I never saw before.



3) Some Characters Of The Denver Animated Series That You Should Know.


There we will give you a quick introduction of some of the main characters of the series.





  denver the dinosaur main character

Obviously we will start with the most important character of the series, namely, Denver.

Some might wonder, What kind of dinosaur is Denver ?

Although not exactly what the dinosaur looks like, Denver is a Corythosaurus, an herbivorous dinosaur of the « duck-billed » family. That was a bipedal dinosaur living in the Upper Cretaceous period in what is now North-America. Although Professor Funt decided to give his name to the dinosaur species and named it Funtasaurus.

Denver is a rather cheerful character, always in a good mood, and ready to enjoy life with his friends, he likes to have fun, play guitar and skateboard.


Wally Adams:

 denver the last dinosaur- wally adams

Wally Adams is Denver's best friend, he has red hair, wears glasses and often wears a red hat. He is especially caring and very nice. He takes care of various animals that he finds and brings home to care for them. He has three cats, a parrot, as well as Ears (his rabbit) and Rocky (his pup). It was at Wally's house that Denver was first hidden, before he was moved to the school gym.


Jeremy Anderson:

 jeremy anderson main character denver the last dinosaur

Jeremy is the smart one of the group, he is the good student, studious and mature, full of knowledge, always ready to use his brain for the collective and to use his sciences skills. Jeremy is a tall blond guy, quite fit. He is the most mature of the group and often solves problems.



 denver the last dinosaur- mario main character

Mario is one of four friends to have found Denver. He has a brown skin and brown hair, he's the playboy of the group, he has a huge ego, but he's there when he has to do his friends a favor.



 denver the last dinosaur main character shades

Shades is the handsome kid of the group, always well tanned with his sunglasses and apparent muscles. He is without a doubt the coolest of the band. He gets his name from the fact that he always has his sunglasses on.



 main character denver the last dinosaur Casey

Casey wasn't there when the group discovered Denver, however she is friends with them. She is the band's machinist and provides technical support to the young band of friends. She has light brown skin and blue eyes. She always wears two orange bows and a blue cap.


Heather Adams:

  denver the last dinosaur heather

Heather is Wally's older sister, she is tall, blonde, with a ponytail. She is the most fashionable character, she really loves fashion, she is dating a boy named Chet, but helps her little brother and his friends whenever she can. It was her idea to hide Denver in the abandoned school gym.




Morton Fizzback:

denver the last dinosaur morton fizzback 

Morton Fizzback is the main villain of the series. He is an ill-intentioned character who discovers Denver by chance, at about the same time as the main characters, and will not stop trying to steal and monetize this poor dinosaur. He will see Denver as a way to become even richer and will spend his time trying to set traps for young teenagers and their dinosaur friend. He is often accompanied by his faithful sidekicks, Buzz and Motley.


Professor Funt:

 denver the last dinosaur professor funt villain

Professor Funt is the stereotype of the diabolical and criminal scientist. He will stop at nothing to achieve his scientific goals and to make new experiments. His ultimate goals are to become the world's most famous scientist and to perform experiments on dinosaurs.


Nick, Curt, Scott and Rod:

Denver the last dinosaur Nick, Curt, Scott and Rod characters 

Nick, Curt, Scott and Rod are the four bullies in the neighborhood. Always there to pick fights and annoy our heroes. Nick is their ruthless leader.



4) « Denver, The Last Dinosaur » Reboot, Is This Really a Failure?

 denver the last dinosaur 2018 reboot

In 2008, 20 years after the success of the original series, and while the reboots fashion is in full revival, a French television channel decided to create a more modern version of Denver. And at the official announcement of this reboot, the reactions of the public were rather ambivalent. Many fans of the first hour, protested their disagreement on social networks.

But is it really that bad? Or is it simply our nostalgia that refuses a new version?

In reality, it's hard to say, in the new Denver series, the skin appears largely rejuvenated, with a new skin color (no longer dark green, but fluorescent green) and a pink bandana around the neck. In the new cartoon, Denver was born on the same day as a little boy named Harry, with whom he was raised. Although they do not speak the same language, Harry, a budding inventor, and Denver understand each other perfectly. As for the band of friends around them, the whimsical and flashy looks of the original heroes have given way to much wiser outfits.

It seems that this reboot is much less rock n roll. Maybe for a slightly younger audience.

In the American version of the reboot, it seems that the opening song was not modified, in the French version on the other hand, they dared to change this mythical opening, I let you imagine the kind of reaction the French could have.



If you have young children, we can only recommend that you show them a few episodes of this reboot, they might like it. The reboot is still a celebration of great friendships and exciting adventures. 


5) The Story of Denver's Appearance in Rick and Morty.

 biblesaurus and denver rick and morty

If you are familiar with the Rick & Morty anime series, then you may have noticed a strange but familiar character. Indeed Biblesaurus the dinosaur is an almost exact copy of our cool and dear Denver.

In fact, Biblesaurus the dinosaur with his skateboard, sunglasses and rock style is obviously a reference to our favorite dinosaur, Denver.

This is not the first time that cartoons make references to each other. And maybe we'll see our young friend again in another series soon.


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