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Dinosaur Cake Decorating Ornaments ( 16Pcs/Set )

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  • Dinosaur Cake Decorating Ornaments


    Turn any cake into an accurate depiction of the Jurassic period.

    Never have to spend too much time trying to create the perfect dinosaur cake.

    These Dinosaur Cake Decorating Ornaments allow you to create the perfect Jurassic cake every single time.


    What makes it the best choice for you?


    • Sharp details.Each ornament is made in a way that it will look as accurate as possible to the different dinosaur species so you can achieve the best prehistoric cake ever.
    • Get more than enough pieces. You get a whopping 16 pieces of different cake ornaments from dinosaurs of different species to trees.
    • Achieve a different cake every time. With each piece being a separate ornament, you can create multiple scenes on top of the cake. The possibilities are endless.
    • 100% safe. Each material used from the plastic to the paint is nontoxic to make sure everyone will enjoy the cake you made. They will want another slice.
    • The perfect size. Each dinosaur measures about 5-7 cm while the trees are 8-10 cm. This makes this a perfect decoration for cakes you’ll bake in your home oven.


    Are you imagining the ideal dinosaur cake you’ll bake with the help of these ornaments? We'll be sure it will look and taste good.

    Order the set today and start decorating your dinosaur cakes with accurate-looking pieces made to make your baking experience a lot easier.