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Jurassic Journey Dinosaur Play Rug

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  • Explore the Prehistoric World with Jurassic Journey Dinosaur Play Rug

    Let your kids travel back in time with the Jurassic Journey Dinosaur Play Rug! This fascinating rug provides a safe and exciting way for your kids to learn about dinosaurs and explore their prehistoric world. Let them have hours of fun imagining they're back in the ancient era and discovering dinosaurs species that no longer exist. This large rug is made of lightweight, non-toxic material which allows your kids to play comfortably and is perfect to include in any room or backyard.

    Educational and Active Playtime

    The Jurassic Journey Dinosaur Play Rug encourages your kids to learn independently or with friends. As they explore the rug, they learn fascinating facts about dinosaurs and their habitats such as the swamps and deserts. With the different sounds, sizes, and movable parts, your kids will be captivated for hours. Perfect for children of all ages, the rug has plenty of interactive activities to keep your kids engaged and promotes physical play.

    Safe and Durable Design

    The play rug is designed with special attention to safety, convenience, and durability. It made of nontoxic, washable material that can withstand daily wear and tear. The rug also features a skid-proof bottom so that it won't slide when your little ones run round the rug. The dinosaur features various moving and sound-making parts which are resistant to flames and can withstand the roughest play sessions.

    Engaging and Fun Experience

    Your kids will love the experience that the Jurassic Journey Dinosaur Play Rug offers, with vivid colors, bright patterns, and realistic dinosaur images your kids will immediately be enchanted. Add some stuffed dinosaurs to the rug, and they will be able to explore the ancient world with their favorite species by their sides.

    A Complete Package

    The Jurassic Journey Dinosaur Play Rug comes with a pack of 25 educational cards and posters that your kids can hang in their room or playroom. This package provides an immersive experience and encourages exploration and hands-on learning. Get this fantastic rug for your family and make sure your kids are learning in a fun, safe, and engaging way. Check our collection of Dinosaur Rugs today and let your kids go back in time!