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T-Rex Plush

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  • The T-Rex Plush will contribute to your child's development in ways you may not have imagined.


    Toddlers and babies are sensitive and sociable beings who need constant support to help them face the challenges of everyday life.

    Thanks to its softness and its playful design, this stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex will offer your child: 

    - much-needed comfort

    - help to develop social skills

    Turn a playful time into a personal development moment

    What could be more reassuring than knowing our child is feeling relaxed and happy? 

    From the eyes of a child, the world can seem to be a strange, uncertain, and dangerous place. In short, a stressful and not very reassuring environment for them.

    This is why children need reference points, things that they can relate to, which will reduce feelings of anxiety. Of course, the first of these reference points will be the child's entourage, the family, the parents. 

    But studies have shown that stuffed animals are significant landmarks for children. They represent a familiar and friendly aspect of their environment. Children can often consider their favorite stuffed toy as a real family member. 

    Actually, Researchers at North Dakota State University say that cuddling a stuffed animal helps young children rely on their ability to seek comfort and is essential for gradually building the toddlers' ability to self-soothe without the help of their parents. 


    A Dinosaur Plush that respects your children health 


    Your child's safety comes first. 

    Our stuffed t-rex: 

    • Meets safety standards: it does not contain any material that your baby could swallow.
    • Toxic substances free: it is made of high-quality hypoallergenic fabric.

    A guarantee of quality already validated by thousands of satisfied customers.


    This adorable T-Rex will be more than just a stuffed animal; it will be a true friend. 


    Even if, for your kids, this stuffed dinosaur will look like a real giant t-rex, they will probably still have a true friendship. 

    This little dino will be a friend who will make them feel like they are talking with someone, whether or not the stuffed toy understands them.

    It will be present for: 

    • Build their confidence: This stuffed dinosaur will provide an outlet for your kid’s need for independence. By acting as a parent or an older friend to the dino, they can slowly boost their confidence levels at a young age.
    • Practice their social skills: This stuffed dino will help your kid enhance their real-world social interactions through play.
    • Experience love without judgment or limits: The little dinosaur will comfort your kid through acceptance of any emotion. A first friendship based on unconditional love.


    Dinosaurs may be long extinct but that does not mean that we should not introduce them to kids of today. Order now and allow your kids to learn about how these creatures wandered the earth a long time ago.

    Frequently Ask Questions:

    • For what age the T-Rex Plush is made? 

    There is no predefined age to have a dino plush; it can please a dinosaur lover child as much as an infant or a teenager. 

    • Is sleeping with the t-rex plush okay?  

    Some studies have shown that sleeping with a stuffed animal help reduce anxiety. Nevertheless, remain cautious and do not make a baby under 12 months sleep with a stuffed toy. 

    • How can I wash this cuddly t-rex toy? 

    You can wash the plush in the washing machine or with your hands