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Triceratops 3D Lamp

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  • This Triceratops Light Will Bring A Jurassic Mood To Your Room 


    Everyone loves dinosaurs. But how many times have you wished they’d just get off your couch?

    Not sure what we mean? Then prepare to be amazed by our Triceratops Table Lamp!

    The terror of Jurassic Park meets the fun of Disneyland in this dinosaur night light that fills any room with prehistoric thrills.

    Designed to make you see a 3D picture of a dinosaur, this revolutionary night light is the next best thing to owning your own pet dinosaur--encouraging thought and conversation.


    What makes it so great?

    • 3D Dinosaur Visual Effect: Precision crafted with a flat optical 2D acrylic plate and mechanized engraving to create an optical 3D illusion, this unique night light will captivate and mesmerize you with its action!
    • Smart Touch and Remote Control:Watch this 3D triceratops take you back in time with its visual effect. This amazing lamp comes equipped with a smart touch system, allowing you to change the colors and remote control, which can set the brightness, power on or off, or even give you a choice of 16 lighting modes.
    • An energy-efficient, safe device:Thanks to the use of high-quality LED lights, this lamp produces no bright sparkles or blinding illumination that could be harmful to both children or adults. With a low power consumption, you can be sure that the temperature won't rise, which will prolong the service life.
    • Multiple Lighting modes: Do you enjoy some nifty decorations? Then this playful 3D dinosaur lamp is for you! With its cool colors and support for seven color changes, it’s sure to make your room a real Jurassic adventure.


    Watch in awe and thrill, as the remote-controlled 3D Triceratops Night Light scuttles about your bedroom floor at night. The perfect combination of lamp and artwork with an emphasis on aesthetics, the 3D Dinosaur LED Night Lamp is designed to provide a homey and charming dinosaur world!


    Our cool USB-powered 3D dinosaur lamp is an eye-catching desktop decoration that will bring any setting to life. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today! 




    • Base Material: ABS Plastic
    • Light Guide Plate Material: Acrylic
    • Process: Laser Engraving
    • Power Mode: USB/Battery (Battery not included)
    • Input Voltage: DC5V
    • Light Source: LED
    • Light Color: 16 Colorful Change
    • Light Pattern: 3D Stereoscopic Figure
    • Power Supply: USB Powered
    • Switch Mode: Touch Switch / Remote controller
    • Product voltage: 5V
    • Product power: 3W 


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Acrylic Plate
    • 1 x Base
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Remote controller
    • 1 x English Instructions


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