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Crocodile Summer Pajamas

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  • Stay Snug in Summer with Crocodile Pajamas

    Whether it's a hot summer night or if you're looking for sleepwear that you can wear in the day - Crocodile Pajamas for women tick all the boxes. A pajama set that looks and feels great, it's made with comfortable cotton so you can wear them for hours on end and not feel the heat. The patterns take influence from the Australian landscape that features an adorable crocodile from the wild.

    Extra Soft + Durable Cotton

    A combination of high-quality materials, each pair is crafted with cotton and woven to absolute perfection. Crocodile Pajamas are breathable ensuring that you won't overheat while you sleep and they last much longer due to their durable nature. The fabric is light and comfortable which allows maximum freedom of movement, stretching and bending without any restrictions.

    A Great Gift for Any Occasion

    A great gift for family and friends, these pajamas look great and offer a unique style that other pieces don't offer. They come in both Medium and Large sizes and can be easily exchanged if needed - simply email us for more details. On top of that, they are a great way to show your affection to that special someone and make a thoughtful present they’re sure to love.

    Crocodile Pajamas at a Glance

    • Soft premium cotton fabric
    • Comfortable and breathable
    • Elegant, eye-catching design
    • Machine-washable fabric
    • Available in Medium and Large sizes
    So grab a pair of Crocodile Pajamas and say goodbye to uncomfortable, overheating sleepwear. For dinosaur-inspired designs, we recommend our Dinosaur Pajamas. With a range of sizes and a great feel, try Crocodile Pajamas today!