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Short-Sleeved Dinosaur Pajamas

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  • Dinosaur Kids Pajamas

    Have your kids dream about dinosaurs before they even fall asleep.

    Experience the joy of seeing your kids smiling as they drift off to sleep when you know that you have provided the thing they are most excited about.

    These Dinosaur Pjs will become your boys’ new favorite sleeping attire and they’ll beg you for it even if you have not washed them.

    Why will these pajamas become your kid’s new favorite?


    • Have them achieve undisturbed sleep. These pajamas are made with your kid in mind. The 100% cotton material used for the set ensures they’ll get the most restful sleep, night after night.
    • Happiness equals to a night of more blissful sleep. Make your kid happy with a fresh pair of dinosaur pajamas that are proven to provide them with optimal physical and psychological development through adequate sleep.
    • An effective symbol of security and comfort. Have your kids fall asleep in minutes once they have these dinosaur pajamas on. They are a subtle signal that it is time for bed.
    • A healthier kid. Adequate and good quality sleep are factors that affect the overall health of your kid. With these adorable dinosaur pajamas, they will appreciate every night they are in bed, dreaming about their prehistoric friends.

    Have one delivered straight to your door so you’ll finally see your kid sleep soundly every night. The only problem you’ll have right now is how you’ll make them stop asking for it when it is still in the washing machine.