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Jurassic Pink
Kids' Sneakers

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  • Girls can love dinosaurs, and boys can love pink; that's why at Mesozo, we made the Jurassic Pink Kids' Sneakers, they will satisfy all young dinosaur fanatics. Thanks to their unique Dino Design and their trendy pale pink color, these shoes won't leave anyone indifferent, to the delight of our growing paleontologists

    Dinosaur Mesh Sneakers

    No more need to present sneakers, the sports shoes par excellence useful for daily use, and more sporty utilization. Whether you are looking for comfort or performance, lightweight sneakers have become a must for our feet. More than a fashion accessory, sneakers are a true reflection of our personality and tastes; that's why at Mesozo we decided to create a series of sneakers specially designed for dinosaur lovers. They are real fashion shoes suitable for all kinds of use. 

    Key features:

    • 100% EVA Material soles and insoles chunky sneakers: For sneakers even more than for regular shoes, the quality of the sole is of paramount importance, which is why the soles of our sneakers meet exact specifications to offer the comfort of use and resistance to shock, for adapted sporting use. 
    • 100% Mesh material upper and lace closer to comfortable wear: We decided to privilege using stitches and laces to increase the shoe's lightness without neglecting its robustness. 
    • Best hands washing & air dry only:Dinosaur Lightweight Mesh Sneakers are easy to maintain and hand washable. 
    • Perfect for every season, wear them all year round: Due to their lightweight and quality conception, Mesozo Shoes are suitable for all kinds of use and ideal for all seasons. 

    Dino Shoe Size Chart 



    Child 11


    Child 11.5


    Child 12


    Child 13


    Youth 1


    Youth 2


    Youth 3


    Our shoes are made on-demand in our partner workshop to avoid overproduction and waste. Please count about ten days of production. In return, your sneakers are going to be unique and made exclusively for you.