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Neon Dinosaurs
Kids' Slip-On Shoes

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  • Dinosaurs are always in fashion! If you have Dinosaur Lovers at home, they will love these Neon Dinosaurs Kids' Slip-On Shoes. Customized sneakers with a Dino Design for kids to enjoy. These amazing Dinosaur Shoes will suit boys and girls alike and offer them all the comfort you would expect from a good pair of shoes. 

    Dinosaur Slip-On Sneakers

    Slip-On Sneakers have become a fashion staple. They are low shoes without laces halfway between Oxfords and moccasins. With their elastic inserts on the sides, the Slip-Ons are easy to put on and hold well on the feet. Ideal for children and adults of all ages. Popularized by Vans, the Slip-Ons Shoes will go with all kinds of outfits and suit all types of situations, ideal for everyday life at school or work, for weekend walks, or sports activities. They are incredibly versatile shoes that will only satisfy you. 

    Key Features:

    • Designed For Kids: At Mesozo we designed and created kids’ shoes with the children in mind. Their unique and playful look will appeal to dinosaur fans, they are comfortable to wear in all seasons and perfect for all occasions. 
    • Rubber Strong And Soft Outsole: Quality outsoles are necessary on qualitative shoes; that's why we pay particular attention to our soles' choice to offer the best. So we chose to use high-quality and durable non-slip outsoles. 
    • Strengthen Construction With EVA Padded Insoles: Often overlooked, insoles are just as valuable on good shoes. That's why to offer optimal comfort to wearers; our insoles are padded with EVA for better shock protection and temperature resistance. 
    • Durable & Comfortable For Different Occasions: You will have understood it, at Mesozo, we don't skimp on quality, to offer you durable and comfortable shoes. 




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    Our shoes are made on-demand in our partner workshop to avoid overproduction and waste. Please count about ten days of production. In return, your sneakers are going to be unique and made exclusively for you.